Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Illuminati and Their Game of World Dominance thru "End Times" programming

 You see the 322 regarding the terrorist attack today (scull and bones) and the 36 (3 6's the number of the beast) all over this year numerologically, (2016). With out a doubt the TPTB have their fingerprints all over this latest attack in Belgium. We have heard President Obama "joke" about staying in office due to possible catastrophe. I have often mentioned that our country would be facing a government made crisis and, here we are, knocking at the doors. No worries in my backyard. You are ready? Well, maybe you should get ready, Spiritually, mostly.
For generations it's been the same old "end of times" scenerio, but this time, it just might be real. Past generations didn't deal with mass die offs and crazy weather as we are seeing today. They didn't have economic and physical wars all over the globe (that globe theory is questionable, too. I mean, really? Spinning how fast but everything is standing still! what? Never thought about it, huh? cause you learned it {were programmed} in school, but that's another story.)
Many of the recent ancient civilizations were convinced that the end times were near because things were so bad, but they were not dealing with a dying earth. They didn't talk about the earth breaking apart, or crazy weather everywhere. They recorded discontent and a few floods and earthquakes. nothing huge. New rules. New tyrannies. New wars. New diseases. Which, obviously, took many lives, but, get real. The world hasn't ended. Yet. 
I do believe, however, it's happening now, exponentially, everywhere. Wake up and smell the stench of the matrix you've been trapped in thru religion, economics, free will, dimension ascension; pick one. It worked. 
We are either screwed, or we are waking up and realizing the real agenda of these control freaks that want our souls, and how to avoid the torturous world that they have trapped us in, and made to believe we have to experience (martyrdom) to reach eternal life with god. Giving up your life for anything is the ultimate control mechanism. Look at the mentality of our military. Instant population control. Give your life for what you believe in. Perfect.
Thru the "go forth and multiply" to the "go forth and make money" to the "you've earned your right to be in debt" credit system of control thru family and education, we are in it. Up to our ears.
I know this is rambling for some, information for others, an awaking for a few but for the most, crazy talk. It's all I can do.
So, I encourage you to do as Jesus did: he stated his case, and if you really wanted the inside information, you proved to Him you were worthy. He never wasted his time arguing. I believe, from all my research and studying, that Esu (Jesus) was right. Don't follow the pastors, the scribes, the everybody who is handing you eternal life for your works on earth. Esu is our Savior in telling us who not to listen to and what NOT TO DO! And remember, Daniel was told to close up the books til the end. Why do Christians believe they have all the information? If they believe the Bible to be without error, than at least give a little creedence to the thought "we may not have all the information!". 
So when that Planet X threatens to destroy the world, consider it your opportunity to finally go home to the Father you left, when you thought the grass was greener on the other side (third of the stars that went with Lucifer) and realize you were wrong.
Earth is hell. no question. The Bible was written as a playbook for the bankers who wanted control. No loving god would put his people thru this just to teach them who to worship and who to not trust. It's a trap. Lucifer's trap. "surely you will not die". Think about it. Who's really offering you eternal life if you "worship (warship) him?  (Satan, not your Father Creator)
ESU (Jesus) was used as a vehicle, because, according to the rules of the game, they have to disclose the truth. It's your job to seek it out and find it. JMHO and actually backed by scripture. The prophets told us that the truth was there, but it was upside down, sideways and otherwise hidden until the veil would be lifted and all would be revealed. That time, I believe, is now.
And don't listen to the Ghost Whisperer. Stay away from the light. Just because you see your most loved-somebody, doesn't mean you've reached the pearly gates. Remember, ESU said the only way to the Father was thru Him, not grandma. Even if you do see Jesus, look around and make sure. Afterall, He did say to QUESTION EVERYTHING!
Question everything. Seek the ancient paths. I did. That's what Esu (Jesus) said to do. I trust Him. Find the Truth, and it will set you free. It has worked for me. I am at peace and I wish peace for you, too!
Much love and Blessings!
A dedicated child of our Father Creator
To those of you with questions, call the good Dr. Scott McQuate. You will find him at He will help you find the truth. He helped me. And trust me. I questioned and researched everything he said. All I found was that he was right. I'm still researching daily. I still question everything. So should you. BUT, this is a good safe, affordable place to start. Does it cost money? sure? How many pastors got a free education? He deserves it. It's the least we can do for all the work he has done for us. We are selfish, self-righteous, self-affirming assholes on earth and it's time We got humble and did what ESU told us to do: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK AND NEVER CEASE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The book of Genesis: What's it all about Alfie?

Systems. Sometimes they work. Sometimes, they don't. This particular system on earth has definite flaws. Have you ever questioned it? Have you ever questioned your existence? are you the least bit interested in WHO you really are? WHAT your purpose is? WHEN will it all make sense, WHERE do you go from here? and WHY should I care? Well, hang on. I'm about to lend some suggestions as to all of the above.

WHO you really are.

Ever read the book of GENESIS? 

It says in the beginning somebody named God made a bunch of stuff in a particular manner and called it "good". I'm paraphrasing, obviously. The sun, the moon, the animals, the plants, he "made", but  the man and woman he created. Say, what???

I wondered too. And then the whole thing is repeated in the next chapter. What's up with that? A repeat creation story? Well, apparently, yes, in a manner of speaking. Here we go.

First, the god spoken of in Genesis is not god our Creator, but the Elohim, a term used for god in the Torah, which actually refers to  "gods" plural (im is plural masculine in Hebrew), or rulers, judges, angels, as listed in Strong's Concordance. Remember, Genesis 1:26; And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our God created man. But, wait, what's up with "making" and "creating"? Let's find out.

The word "barah" means to make. In other words, the making of an original. Creating has more to do with taking things and making them into something. We make flour to create a cake, which is "asah". These words, and their intentions in Genesis, are not interchangeable. Here is why.

If you'll notice, the last verse of Genesis Chapter 1 states 31 and God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. Then, God blessed and sanctified and rested. Then we see in Chapter 2, verse 4, that things seem to start all over again. But does it really? 

Suddenly we have a new character on the scene named "Lord God". Why the difference? I wondered the same thing. It's like a new story. A new beginning. Well, apparently it was. I soon learned that the verse pertaining to all the blessing and sanctifying had more to do with "destroying" than blessing. Afterall, it does say He "ended his work" on the seventh day. Did He really "end" His work? I believe he did. Here's why. 

After studying with Dr. McQuate, and checking the translation myself, I found that those words referring to blessing and sanctifying can also mean destroy. And because we all know that man is not so good, due to that inbred "sinful" manner in which we are constantly at odds with, it only makes sense that God would destroy that which was not good, being inherently good Himself. But, if man was destroyed, how are we still here? Good question.

That Lord God character who formed man of the dust of the ground was none other than a fallen angel who helped herself to the secret code of life, or at least part of it. She had to "borrow" a few items to make it work, but she did. Of course, who was standing by to assist and "lend" a helping hand? You guessed it, Satan. Yep. He's in on the gig. Believe it or not.

And the Lord God then took from Adam and "made" Eve and planted them in Eden, and then they took of the forbidden fruit, etc., but what was really going on here? What exactly was that forbidden fruit? Was it the forbidden truth regarding creation? Was it the secret code for making man? Indeed it was. And then my next question was "was this really happening? Were Adam and Eve really tempted in the garden, or is it just another story to explain the rebellion. I discovered it was indeed the latter. 

Indeed in the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. But then God saw it wasn't good and destroyed it. There is clear evidence in the Bible that he destroyed the earth at least once with a flood and once with fire. The destruction with fire story is rather hidden, but it's there. Hence the reference to "the dust of the ground" which actually refers to "ash", and the forming of man by the "potter" using the "clay" from the destruction by fire. Sound crazy? Ya, I know, it does. 

I told you it was a long and winding road. ....right now, my brain hurts so I'm taking a break. Trying to figure out a way to explain this whole mess is rather taxing, but rewarding. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Truth about the Bible!
If you ever want to ask questions and learn the truth regarding our creation and existence, visit Dr. Scott McQuate at the I 've been a member for a3years and can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made!  ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, AND NEVER CEASE!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

the TRUTH about the WEATHER!

The Weather.
It's crazy everywhere. Seems like there are more clouds, different clouds, and often they are so close to the ground, I feel like I moved to the mountains! More lightening strikes, and they seem more intense. Thunder is louder and lasts longer. Tornadoes touching down in brand new locations. Hurricanes forming and doing odd things. Did you know there was a hurricane headed for the east coast on 9/11 and suddenly it shifted to the east and went out to sea? Google it. Anyway...what's going on with our atmosphere to make it behave so violently? And where in the world are all these clouds coming from? And why does the sun seem to be in a different place than it usually is this time of year. And at a different angle.

It's hard to even imagine that everyone isn't noticing the changes in the seasons, the actual colors of the foliage and the cycles of all species on the planet are being affected. Fish are dying off "en masse" in some locations. Algae is becoming more common. Those blood red seas are popping up, too. Is it Global Warming? What about those Chemtrails? Or is it actually the temperature of the oceans rising? What about the rumored Weather Manipulation? Or, is it Radiation from Fukushima? Maybe it's all Biblical and these are the end times playing out? Or, Is it the Elite? Our trusted politicians. All bowing to the banks that own them. YES to all of the aforementioned questions.

Global Warming?
Is still a big subject these days. The difference is the question has totally changed. No longer is it "what are you going to do about global warming" to get you inspired to lessen your carbon footprint. The new question is "why did we ever think it was global warming and carbon emissions in the first place?Seriously. The earth has a history of cycles. Once upon a time the south was the north, etc. Once upon a few times we've had an official Polar Shift. I'm sure you've heard mention of it by now.

Have you heard of  Man's supposed attempt to protect humanity from the intensity of the sun, brought about by the decline in our ozone caused by our evil pollution. When I mentioned this to my buddy in Denver, he actually got defensive and took responsibility for it! He said it was intentional for a very good reason. To protect us get it. The reality is, people believe that is the purpose. If only it were the TRUTH. But, that is what we are here to discuss, so let's get on with it, shall we?

What's actually in those chemtrails?  Let's take a look.

Just one of the many examples available on the internet. Ya. Those chemtrails are very helpful!

Ocean Temperature.
It is a known fact that simply raising the temperatures of the oceans by one degree can change the balance of it's ecosystem. Have you heard about all the underground volcanoes that have been going off? Of course not. They aren't doing any obvious damage. Can be quite beautiful. They can also be quite deadly. Emiting gases, heat, and causing explosions that can kill off entire schools of fish. Lots of earthquakes recently, too. Couldn't possibly be related. I would venture a guess that a lot of underground activity is not being reported for a reason. No one wants to instill panic. Right? sounds so humanitarianistic. Wrong. They want you to remain ignorant. Makes their (The Elite) job so much easier. Depopulization is a big job.

With the raise in ocean temperature comes the raise in air temperature, which in turn raises the chance of stormy weather. Add a few chemtrail clouds and get ready for some more serious action. Add chemicals to anything and it's going to get interesting! Oh, and if you really get bored, manipulate it just a little bit! what????

Weather Manipulation? Really?
We need to keep in mind that years ago, while studying the atmosphere and engaging in all kinds of man-made electrical storms, it was discovered that the weather could in fact be manipulated.

So, why aren't all meteorologists all over this? Good question.

You think these droughts in America  aren't intentional? Why not? What about these massive storms? Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, all causing problems so they have to implement government-run programs to HELP people. Easy way to instill instant control. Tell them to turn over their weapons to prevent looting. Makes perfect sense. Then, when the government looters show up at your door, you are completely defenseless. One less life the Elite have to worry about. One less FEMA trailer to build. One less ration to count.

Where did all the radiation go? It spilled into the ocean and made it's way around the globe. Did you know the rate of thyroidism, worldwide, is on the rise, especially in Japan? I see reports daily on the RSOE feed regarding outbreaks of bird flu, food poisoning, ebola, and more, and then there's the unexplained sicknesses attacking entire villages that no one can explain, let alone try to prevent. Birth defects and outbreaks of diseases once thought conquered, are popping up all over the place. Especially along the west coast in America. Coincidence? I think not. Add to these elements a little pollution from all our chemical-based garbage, throw in an oil spill here and there, sprinkle on top some chemtrail crap, seep in a little radiation, and voila, you've got a toxic cocktail in what we used to call Mother Earth!

Now all you hear about is those precious vaccines. Watch out cause they've never really been honest about those little death viles. Some of them serve a purpose. All the extras? I think not so much, i.e., the vaccines for young teens are causing far more harm than good.

Jesus is Coming! No Worries!
Right. I wish it were that simple. You see, Jesus was a Rebel. Had we honestly listened to Him, instead of the self-made christians, like Paul, we would not be in this mess. The events unfolding, down to the Tetrad we are currently in the midst of, all seem very Biblical, and they are. HOW? Because it's all part of the plan. The Bible is the Elite's playbook and they are using it to its fullest and the Book of Revelation is playing out exactly as planned and the religious communities around the world are falling for it. Hence, the great "falling away". But we'll save this in-depth explanation for another blog.

Who are THE ELITE?
They are right here in America, controlling your government. The Powers That Be. The Illuminati. The same people that founded this country and who brought all the signs, symbols and belief-systems of the creators of organized religion with them, to instill global control and initiate the New World Order. There are branches of the Illuminati all over the world. Behind every chaotic event in history you will find a group of control freaks, doing everything they can to keep humanity enslaved for their benefit.

Why? Because they believe they have the upper-hand. They are the "enlightened ones". They have made peace with the aliens and are using the technology provided by said aliens to take control of the world and have their own heaven on earth. What they don't realize is, they themselves are being controlled and manipulated by their so-called friends. They'll find out soon enough. In the meantime....

stay tuned. The Truth is there - you just have to look for it!
Eyes open. No Fear.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Beginnings....

Once upon a time there was this unique little girl who saw beyond the accepted ways and means of life on earth. She just knew, somehow, everything around her was not as it seemed. She questioned everything. And, being drawn to magic tricks and surprises, early on she realized that saying things just right could make things happen! She realized that taking control of situations was a little too easy. Lying became a breeze. Seeing people believe stuff based on delivery alone was shocking! And so she decided all was NOT RIGHT WITH THE WORLD! If others were so vulnerable as to fall for such created BS, we were in serious trouble. And then she entered Kindergarten. All that did was help confirm that people were, literally, programmable. 

Sad to say that it took some 40 some-odd years later to realize I needed to get to the bottom of things, so I joined a church. Got the basics. And when they could no longer answer my questions, I moved on. I was on a quest to find the had to be out there somewhere!

So, here I am! Ready to share THE TRUTH! How about that. why not? And, just for the record, I never lied about things, I just embellished, a lot! (snicker)

The last few years I've been studying the Government, the Bible, the Earth, and our surroundings, not necessarily in that order. My findings have been anything but inconsequential. Quite the opposite, actually. Most of what I've discovered has rocked my world and changed my views. Opened my eyes. And now I ask, seek, knock, and never cease. I mean it. I study daily. It drives my family nuts. I'm already nuts so it doesn't affect me. 

A crucial step in being able to discern anything remotely close to the truth, which, in this day, is hard to sort, would be to make sure you investigate all sides. Know the lies, too, because nobody likes surprises and I'd much rather know what the other side of the story is so I can honestly defend my position. If you don't know all sides, how can you say you are right, right?

I hope you are ready. Some of what I have to tell will rock your world, especially if you are a Christian. Even more so if you are an atheist! Curious about what's really happening in Space? What does our government have to do with it? Who really "owns" America? and, Does anybody really know what time it is?  That's just the tip of the iceberg!

Stay tuned. I will be here regularly updating the Truthful News. I will do my best to report on what I feel is relevant to our quest for helping humanity open their eyes and ears to what's really going on all around them, for that will be our best defense. It won't be all bad news. I intend to share the GOOD NEWS (if I can find any!) 

Preparedness is critical. But it's not necessarily monetarial. Think about it:. You buy the food, build the bunker, get the helmet and something comes along and takes it all away. It could be a natural disaster, it could be a man-made takeover. What will you do?

With any luck at all, and a little guidance and good advice from THE TRUTH FAERY, you just might have the gumption to delve into your brain banks and pluck from them whatever you need to make it through. I call it FAITH, you can call it whatever you like. In any case, don't call me, cause I won't be able to help you! Learn to help YOURSELF, so you can be of service to others and the rewards will be yours! Trust me. I do! 

and that's the TRUTH (rasperry)
(my favorite Latte flavor, BTW, in case you ever want to treat me to one!)

Peace and Blessings to All! 

Be Hempy!